Why Study in Italy

Studying in Italy, in particular the language and Italian culture is an experience of beauty, chosen by thousands of students every year! In all of the main Italian cities and above all in the historical cities, (Florence, Rome and Venice, which boasts a sea location) and in every season of the year, over a million tourists, along with thousands of students from various age groups come to Italy from every part of the world!

Normally students come for short Periods, (one to three months), during March to October (In December, January and February the schools are less full) however there are many students who choose to remain in Italy for some years. It is not difficult, (especially for younger students) to find part time work, supplementing your income, while extending your vacation in beautiful Italy.

In every school, in fact in daily life, nearly all Italians can understand and speak a minimum of English and Spanish. Often lessons may be taught in English, because the university professors and staff members from the schools generally know enough English to meet your language requirements. In Italy there are beautiful schools which are well attended and not so beautiful schools, rarely attended. There are schools with well know courses, professional standards and then there schools with courses and staff of a much lower standard.

University List

Florence Design Academy - Italy

Document Check List

*All documents SHOULD be of A4 paper size strictly and duly attested by a notary public (General attestation would suffice. No Notary stamp required)

1. All education certificates (High school, +2 or equivalent, Degree, PG and Masters if any) 2. Recommendation letter from the HOD, Principal and Work references if any. 3. Statement of Purpose (covering the course study) 4. IELTS and/or TOEFL, if taken** 5. Copy of Passport 6. GMAT for MBA Students 7. GRE for MS Students

** Not compulsory for processing the admission. Conditional offer letter can still be obtained without IELTS and/or TOEFL.